How To Transfer A Blogger Blog To New BlogSpot Address Without Deleting Posts Or Pages

How To Change Blogspot Blogger URL Address

If you use Blogger (BlogSpot) for content creation then this post may be useful to you if you want to move your Blogger Blog to a new BlogSpot address. That is if you want to change your Homepage URL without deleting your contents (Posts or Pages).

Sometimes you have to change your Blogger URL if you find this so much boring or not so good-looking or attractive, but you think that to change the main BlogSpot URL you have to delete your whole blog and start over. But there is an easy solution to your problem.

Steps to change Blogger main URL without deleting posts:

Let suppose your Blog is at, you don’t like this and want to transfer it (change the URL) to a newly created address

To do this

Step 1: Go to And create a new blog

Step 2: Go to your old blog and head to settings

Step 3: Go to Manage Blog Section and Click Backup content

Step 4: Click Download in the next Pop-Up

Step 5: Go to newly created blog and go to Settings⇒ Manage Blog⇒ Click Import

Step 6: Select your downloaded backup file from the previous blog and import.

That’s it all of your Posts and Pages will be imported to the new address. To redirect older posts and pages to new blog read this post How To Custom Redirect Blogger Posts And Pages.

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