How To Set Up Custom Redirects Within Blogger Posts [One To Another Post Or Page]

How to custom redirect blogger posts in Blogspot Blogger

Blogspot or Blogger is still a good choice for bloggers. If you choose Blogger as your blogging platform then you can start blogging without spending money to host your website. Though Blogger has many limitations when compared with WordPress, it is good for a start.

Blogger also has many functionalities if you know how to use them. So here I will discuss such an option available in the Blogspot platform that you can use for some good reasons.

When You Need To Use Custom Redirect Feature In Blogger:

You can set up Custom Redirects between Blogger Posts. It is necessary if you delete a post for any reason, or want to redirect an older post to a new one. When you delete a post then it will show a 404 error page which hurts your SEO and search engine rankings, and therefore you should have redirected those posts to other posts or home page or custom 404 pages.

Here is how you can redirect posts to other posts or homepage in Blogger.

Steps To Custom Redirect Blogger Posts From One To Other:

To make this custom redirect

Step 1: Go to Settings from your blogger dashboard

Step 2: Scroll down to the Errors and redirects section

Step 3: Click on Custom redirects

Step 4: Click Add to add redirects

Step 5: You will see a pop up with two fields: In the From field write the URL [after the blog address, that is if your post is at, then write only 2021/01/deleted-post.html in the field] of your deleted post or the post which you want to redirect to another page or post. In the To field write the URL [Without blog address as above]of your new post or page.

Step 6: Turn on the Permanent option if you are making this redirect permanent, and click Save.

Now you are done. When visitors will try to visit your Old Blogger Post or Page they will be automatically redirected to your new Post or Page.

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