How To Setup A Custom Domain On Blogger Registered With Hostgator

Easy And Free Set Up Guide Of Cuctom Domain With Google Blogspot Blogger With Hostgator Domain

Blogger Or Blogspot is a free blog publishing service powered by Google which lets you publish blog and website for free. Many bloggers started their blogging journey with the Blogger platform. Blogger lets you create a free website with a subdomain like You can use a Custom Domain With Blogger too.

Here you can learn how to setup or point your own custom domain to your Blogger blog which you have purchased from Hostgator. For the general Custom Domain (Purchased from any registrar) setup process with a Blogger blog you can read out this post.

Connect Your Domain With Blogger Purchased From Hostgator:

set up custom domain com net org domain with google blogspot blogger free

  1. At first go to your Blogger dashboard (i.e., your Blogspot account). Click on Settings Option From the left Menu. Then under Blog Address under Publishing option Click on + Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog.
  2. Enter your domain with www as the prefix in the box provided. You must use www because Blogger does not support naked domain (Domain without www or another prefix) pointing. Click on Save
  3. button after entering your domain in the box. After clocking Save you will see an error message with some parameters.
  4. Now login to your Hostgator account and go to the domain (DNS) management page.
  5. Under Manage Records click on CNAME Records then click Add CNAME Record. Enter the details as shown in the blogger error message.

steps to use custom domain with blogger google free blogspot blogs

Add CNAME Records:

set up free custom domain with google blogspot blogger add cname hostgator domain

  • In the Host Name Field write www
  • Select the Value  Field and write
  •  Set the TTL to 7200 Seconds (Stands for Time To Live), tells the servers or resolver to cache the older data for this time limit, so if you put this as low as possible your new blogger integration with the custom domain will start working within less time.
  • Click Add Record

Again Repeat the above for the second parameters and click add record.

Add A- Records:

add costom domain blogger add a record free hostgator with google blogspot blogger blog

Now you have to add four Google IPs (See Below) as A – Records to work your integration properly. To do this Click on Add A Record.

  • In the Host Name Field write www
  • In the Destination IPv4 Address Field write four Google IPs one by one four times
  • Set the TTL to 7200 Seconds
  • Click Add Record
Sr. Google IPs

This is the list of Google IPs you have to enter one by one as A-Records.

After finishing all of the above in your domain manage page, log in to Blogger Dashboard again and click on the Save button again. If you again see the error message then wait the time you have set as TTL. If you see the error message after the TTL time you specified then repeat the process again carefully.

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11 thoughts on “How To Setup A Custom Domain On Blogger Registered With Hostgator

      1. cannot add A record after adding CNAME.. it says its conflicting
        “already has a A record. You may not mix CNAME records with other records for the same name.”

  1. cannot add CNAME after adding A records.. it says its conflicting
    “already has a A record. You may not mix CNAME records with other records for the same name.”

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