How To Generate And Manage Free SSL Certificate From Let’s Encrypt

use lets encrypt to secure site with ssl

You may have heard already Google’s announcement about Chrome features which will indicate sites without an SSL certificate as Not Secure in the address bar from July 2018 (Chrome 68 Version). Then what about your users? Peoples are now more serious about their online activity and security as internet fraud is also increasing at a rapid rate.

So you need a green signal with the padlock icon to convince your visitors and users that they will not be harmed using your site because your site is secured and encrypted. Many internet users haven’t idea about what an SSL certificate is or what are the advantages of using an SSL enabled site, but the red signal on the address bar will let them know that Your site is NOT SECURE and they will try to avoid your site anyway, and you know how many competitors you have with somehow same information and content you have, so it will seriously rank you down and you will lose your user base. SSL also help to rank higher in Google Search pages due to Google treat security as a ranking factor.

So its time to get an SSL for your site. There are many types of SSL certs are available in the market according to your needs and their costs also varies feature to feature or vendor to vendor.

Normally a DV SSL certificate (Commonly used in blogs and websites) costs around $60 to $80 per year. But if you have a new blog or website then its really expensive for you if your budget for running your website is low. But to retain your user’s faith you need an SSL certificate.

To solve the problems of many people like you a free project named Let’s Encrypt by non-profit Internet Security Research Group (ISRG) started to distribute free SSL certificate for free which is available to everyone who owns a website or blog. Enabling Let’s Encrypt certificate to your blog or website is easy and free and supported by almost all modern browsers.

So here is how you can generate Free SSL certs from L E following some easy steps.

1. Go to SSL FOR FREE website. Put your domain for which you want to generate the SSL certificate. After you click Create Free SSL Certificate three options will appear.


2. Let’s Encrypt provides only DV (Domain Validated) SSL certificates. So to generate an SSL certificate free from Let’s Encrypt you have to prove domain ownership first. You can prove your domain ownership with these three ways.

 1.FTP Verification:  If you have an active hosting account then you can verify domain ownership choosing this option. Clicking on This option a form will appear. Input your FTP log-in credentials and your domain ownership will be verified and your certificate will be generated.

ftp verification to download and use ssl lets encrypt

 2. Manually Verify Uploading Verification Files:  If you can’t log in to FTP or have any problem with FTP verification method then you can verify your domain ownership by this method. Click on Manual Verification, then click Manually Verify Domain button. Follow the instructions there and your domain ownership will be verified, and after that, you SSL cert will be generated.

manually verify domain for ssl on lets encrypt

 3. Verify Using DNS:  If the above two methods don’t applicable to you or you haven’t an active hosting account then you can verify domain ownership by DNS verification method. Click on Manual Verification (DNS) then click Manually Verify Domain. Go to your domain registrar’s website and log in to the domain management page, update TXT records with the records provided to you for verification. Set the TTL time as low as possible. Wait for the time you have entered as TTL when updating or adding TXT records and then click on verification links. Then your SSL certificate will be generated.

dns ssl verification lets encrypt

After creating SSL for your website download the files to your PC and keep them carefully. SSL certificates generated from Let’s Encrypt are valid for three months only. So you have to generate it again following one of the above methods before your certificate expires after three months, so create a free account with SSL FOR FREE, which help you to manage and generate your certificate at the right time before it expires.

Hope you can create your free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt and thereby secure your site with SSL. Share with your friends if you like this.

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