How To Create A Free Website With Blogger

Have you ever think of the WEB – billions of websites are live there, and owners are posting ideas thoughts and resources every day on these websites, you can share your ideas and thoughts also by using your Facebook account or Twitter handle but you know these aren’t your own property and your audience is limited too. So what about to make your own website? Well, you may think Its unnecessary and may be expensive too. But if you want to make a website then you can make it free of cost and it’ will be your online asset after creating which you may feel proud of it. There is a long and ongoing debate that which platform is better for blogging – WordPress or Blogger. But if you don’t want to invest more money in your first web-venture and want to create a successful website than Blogger is far better than WordPress.
Now left the debaters on their desk and try to make your first website with Blogger.

The first of all you need is a Google (Gmail Account – If you have one you can use it otherwise you have to create one) Account.
Now Go to – which is the official blogger page and log in with your Gmail Adress and Password.

After signing in you will find a pop-up form where you have to Write your new website Name and URL of your website.

Enter the name as you want and fill out the URL box with your desired address, and after you fill out address your website address will look like If your address is available then a Blue tick mark will appear near the box, if your address is not available then you will see a yellow mark near your box. If your address is not available then slightly change your desired name or use one or two numerals, and your address will be available.
Now you have to choose your blog theme (Formerly known as templates) after you have chosen template your website will be live.

After your website gone live you can make blog posts and publish them on the web. Visit your blog clicking on View blog link at upper left.

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