How To Add A Custom Domain To your Blogger (Blogspot) Website – 2018

Easy And Free Set Up Guide Of Cuctom Domain With Google Blogspot Blogger With Hostgator DomainBlogger Or Blogspot is a free blog publishing service powered by Google which lets you publish blog and website for free. Many bloggers started their blogging journey with the Blogger platform. Blogger lets you create a free website with a subdomain like You can use a Custom Domain With Blogger too.

But if you think seriously about your blogging carrier then blogging with a subdomain extension cant much help you to grow bigger. For example, if you want to monetize your blog/website with advertise or affiliate links then you should have a custom domain, (Many ad networks even do not allow a subdomain for monetization). A custom domain means your own registered domain like

If you have a custom domain then you have your real web presence with your own brand and thereby own brand value. Using a custom domain with Blogger from day one is more valuable than using a Blogspot subdomain. It will not cost you so much but gives you a huge benefit in return. If after your blogging success you want to move to WordPress (Which is a more powerful blogging platform than Blogger in many aspects) you will not lose your visitors and search engine ranking.

Anyone can register a domain easily from any domain registrars after you register the domain successfully you can use it with your Blogger account. Or you can register your domain directly from blogger dashboard from Google Domains.

Now how to add Your domain to Blogger:

After you successfully registered your domain then its time to connect your domain to Blogspot. To do so at first go to your Blogger account first. You will see your Blogger dashboard. Go to Settings from the left menu. Under Publishing Menu you can see two options to connect a domain with your Blog. The Blue button 

led you to Google Domain From where you can buy a domain from Google and easily integrate it with Blogger.

  1. If you want to register your domain via Google Domains then click on the blue button. The Google domain registration page will be opened. Choose your domain name as you like according your need and niche about which you are interested to start blogging. After you have successfully registered the domain from Google Domain you can connect it to your blogger account.
  2.  If you want to register your domain from other third-party registrars or you already have a fully functional registered domain name then click on + Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog. A new menu will be opened. Under Third party domain settings enter your registered domain URL in the box after http://   with www. as the prefix, otherwise you get an error message because naked domain cannot be used with blogger. Then click the Save Button.

set up custom domain com net org domain with google blogspot blogger free


Go to your domain registrar’s website and make some changes:

After you enter your domain in the box provided you will get an error message with two CNAME records which you have to use to connect your domain with blogger and to verify your domain ownership.

Login to your domain management page and go to DNS management option. You may see there many parameters and record options like NS Record. A Records, AAAA Records, CNAME Records and more like this.

From this list click on CNAME Records or Add CNAME Records.

set up free custom domain with google blogspot blogger add cname hostgator domain

  1. In the Name / Label / Host field write www

2. In the next field (Destination/Target/Points To/Value) write [CNAME 1 Values Of The Above Photo]

If you see another field TTL (Stands for Time To Live) put this value as low as possible. Some companies have default low-value TTL but some use TTL not less than 7200 seconds or more. Actually, TTL tells the servers or resolver to cache the older data for this time limit, so if you put this as low as possible your new blogger integration with the custom domain will start working within less time.

After Clicking Add Record you will see a confirmation message.

After that again add one More CNAME Record

  1. In the Name / Label / Host field write Write the letters exactly provided to you [CNAME 2 Values Of Photo]

2. In the next field (Destination/Target/Points To/Value) write the combination of letters provided to you for verification.

Put the TTL value, Click Add Record.

Again From the management page Click on Add A Record:


  1. In the Name / Label / Host field write @

2. In the next field (Destination/Target/Points To/Value) or IPv4 address write a Google IP (Four Google IPs are given below)

Sr. No. Google IPs

Adjust the TTL and save the record. Repeat the process four times to add four Google IPs one by one and save the Records.

Yes, you are done. Go back to your blogger dashboard and click on the  button of point 2 above. If you see the error message again then wait for some time, up to the TLL time you have set. If again you see the error message then repeat the process again more carefully.

Hope you have set up your domain with your Blogger blog successfully, share with your friends.

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