How To Change The Post URL (Permalink) Of A Published Blogger Post

How To Change Blogspot Blogger URL Address

If you are a Blogspot (Blogger) user and use Blogger as your blog or website publishing platform then you may some time need to change the post permalink even after you already published the post. Changing a post permalink in Blogger is easy though. Here I am trying to let you understand this step-by-step.

Before you publish the post you can create your permalink as you like from permalink option in right sidebar of Blogger post editing dashboard. But once you published the post you can not change the permalink directly from this option. The post URL can not be changed from there.

So to change the post URL or Permalink after you publish the post:

Caution: If you change the post permalink after you published the post then it will impact your SEO, and you will see error in Google Search Console. So you have to redirect your old post to the new post address (permalink). Learn How To Custom Redirect Blogger Posts And Pages.

Step 1. At first Go To Your Blogger Dashboard and click the post you want to change the URL.

Step 2. In the post editing dashboard click on Revert To Draft button in upper right side. It will unpublish your post.

Step 3. Now you can change your Post URL from Permalink Option, Click on this and set you desired URL for your post.

Step 4. Republish your post by clicking On Publish Button and you are done.

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