How To Change BlogSpot Blogger URL Address To New Address

How To Change Blogspot Blogger URL Address

Blogger is a good platform for new bloggers, as with Blogger you don’t have to spend money on blogging.  many bloggers still use Blogspot for content creation and publication.

Blogger has many attractive features as well. Here we are going to discuss such a feature, which is maybe useful to you. You can change your registered Blogger URL without changing your content like posts or pages.

Steps to change your Blogger Blog URL to a new Blogger URL:

If you want to change your Blogger URL like to then follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to  and select the blog you want to change the URL.

Step 2: Head to Settings from the left menu

Step 3: Scroll down to the Publishing section and click on the Blog address option

Step 4: Write the new blog address as you like and click save. You are done.

But if you concern about your SEO then you have to redirect the Blog Homepage and posts or pages to a new URL, for this purpose click here to learn How To Custom Redirect Blogger Posts And Pages.

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