How To Change Post And Homepage URL Address Of Blogger Blog

How To Change Blogspot Blogger URL Address

Sometimes you need to change the Post URL or Homepage URL of your BlogSpot Blog. But changing URL (Permalink) of a Blogger post will harm your SEO and rankings, as after you change the permalink of your post visitors and search engines will see a 404 error page. The same happens when you change your Homepage Address, that is the main Blogger URL [like to].

So if you are going to do any one or both of the above I advise you to read this post, How To Custom Redirect Blogger Posts And Pages. it will help you to not lose any ranking or SEO as your posts and blog will not show any 404 error pages to visitors or Search Engines.

But how you can change Blogger Posts or Home Page URL? Read the steps below and you will be able to do these easily:

Changing A Blogger Post URL Address:

Step 1: Go To And select the post you want to change the URL (Permalink).

Step 2: In the post edit page click the drop-down button with Preview option

Step 3: Select Revert To Draft

Step 4: Change the Post URL (Permalink)

Step 5: Publish the post again

Changing The Blogger Homepage URL:

Step 1: Go to And create a new blog

Step 2: Go to your old blog and head to settings

Step 3: Go to Manage Blog Section and Click Backup content

Step 4: Click Download in the next Pop-Up

Step 5: Go to the newly created blog and go to Settings⇒ Manage Blog⇒ Click Import

Step 6: Select your downloaded backup file from the previous blog and import.

Hope you find this post useful, please share it with your friends. Comment if you face any problem doing this.

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